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The U.S. Army Petroleum Center (USAPC) is a unique organization within the Army Petroleum community. It is staffed and organized to support Army needs on most petroleum-related topics and is the only organization that actively interacts with all parties within the DOD/Armypetroleum community. It has three core areas of expertise: petroleum operations (tactical and Garrison), petroleum infrastructure, and quality surveillance.

Authorities: DOD 4140.25M & AR 710-2

Our Mission: Serves as the Service Control Point (SCP) to support Army strategic, operational, tactical and base operation petroleum capabilities to sustain weapon systems, soldiers and unit readiness.

Our Vision: The Army’s Petroleum Center of Excellence that leads, advises, and supports all aspects of the Army petroleum community.

Our Operational Priorities:

  • Represent the Deputy Chief of Staff, G–4 in matters pertaining to DLA Energy’s execution of Executive Agent bulk petroleum functions.
  • Perform duties as the Army Service Control Point (SCP) in accordance with DOD 4140.25M. SCPs established by the Military Services will serve as the central management function in coordinating requirements, technical issues, and supply actions with military units and DLA Energy.
  • Support the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command in the development of Army petroleum doctrine, material development, table of equipment development, and training development.
  • Support TACOM/TARDEC in equipment specification development and technical publication reviews/development.
  • Support U.S. Army Materiel Command on all petroleum related matters.
  • Successfully execute the following programs:
    • Petroleum operations.
      • Army petroleum help desk.
      • Petroleum Technical Assistance Program.
      • Army requirements validation.
    • Petroleum infrastructure.
      • Engineering Technical Review Program.
      • Army Sustainment, Restoration & Modernization Program.
      • Army Petroleum Military Construction Program.
      • Army Fuel Facility Optimization Program.
    • Quality.
      • Army Quality Surveillance Program.
      • Petroleum Laboratory Certification Program.
      • Air Pollution Abatement Program.


Commander COL Ed Santiago
Deputy Director
Mr. David Corbin

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Contact Information

  • 8725 John J Kingman Road
  • Suite 0520
  • Ft. Belvoir, VA  22060
  • Phone: (571) 767-0661
  • (571) 767-0663
  • (571) 767-5169
  • (571) 767-8333
  • (571) 767-3994

USAPC: The Army's Petroleum Service Control Point
8725 John J Kingman Road
Suite 0520
Ft. Belvoir, VA  22060
Phone: (571) 767-0649
(571) 767-0663
(571) 767-5169
(571) 767-8333
(571) 767-3994
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