Operational Energy



USAPC’s Operational Energy (OE) Team is the AMC Command Facilitator for Army adaptation and use of cutting-edge energy technologies.  The OE Team represents the command on emerging actions, strategies, and initiatives to reduce energy demand, consumption, and costs.  Our involvement in numerous Army fuels infrastructure studies is integral to the enterprise-wide optimization of business processes, streamlining of operations, and reduction of costs.  Through these efforts, we keep our focus on the technologies of tomorrow to impact the Army’s continued strategic success.  We ensure that energy goals and metrics have been incorporated into the Army Campaign Plan, the capstone document that sets priorities for Army Leaders.  Army Power and Energy advancements continue to provide tomorrow’s Soldier with technological tools to enhance performance efficiencies, while minimizing environmental footprint.  

•  Support AMC with the following three Operational Energy (OE) Strategy principal objectives: 
    -  More Fight, Less Fuel 
    -  More Options, Less Risk 
    -  More Capability, Less Cost 
•  Serves as AMC’s operational energy integrator in partnership with AMC G4 Facilities Engineering Division and Army Futures Command. 


  • Provides Subject Matter Expert (SME) support to Army initiatives for energy efficient systems with a reduced resupply requirement. 
  • Collaborates with the Army Futures Command’s Combat Capabilities Development Command-Ground Vehicle Systems Center and the Aviation Missile Center to qualify and certify alternative fuels for Army aviation and ground tactical use and application. 
  • Assists Army, Joint Staff and OSD Senior Leadership with OE responses to Congressional inquiries, audits, surveys and studies. 
  • Conducts tactical bulk petroleum management oversight, including a current initiative to adopt operational energy information automation. 
  • Performs Army-wide OE Consumption Collection, Trends and Analysis. 
  • Coordinates the Army portion of the Annual DoD OE Report to Congress. 

Contact Information  

Team Lead: Mr. Howard Bishop  
Phone Number: 571-767-0648 
Operational Energy Inbox:  howard.m.bishop.ctr@mail.mil