About APC

The Army Petroleum Center (APC) is a unique organization within the Army Petroleum community. It is staffed and organized to support Army needs on most petroleum-related topics and is the only organization that actively interacts with all parties within the DoD/Army petroleum community. It has three core areas of expertise: petroleum operations (Tactical and Garrison), petroleum infrastructure, and quality surveillance.


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Serve as the Army Class III (Bulk) Service Control Point (SCP) to supporting Army strategic, operational, tactical and installation operation petroleum capabilities to sustain weapon systems, Soldiers, and unit readiness. 



The Army’s Petroleum Center of Excellence leads, advises, and supports all aspects of the Army petroleum community.  



DODM 4140.25 and AR 710-2 




  • Requirements: Class III (B) requirements validation/coordination with DLA Energy for Army operating locations worldwide  

  • Unit Support: Technical assistance and readiness assessments in support of Army Command (ACOM), Army Service Component Command (ASCC), Direct Reporting Unit (DRU) and other organizations  
  • Fixed Facilities: Provide fixed fuels engineering and planning support to all Army MACOMs; to include master planning, design, construction, troubleshooting and maintenance  
  • Distribution Systems: Provide technical expertise for fixed facility and tactical bulk petroleum handling systems and automated fuel management systems  
  • Quality: Establish Army Quality Surveillance Programs; manage tactical and base laboratory certification and correlation programs