Plans and Operations Division


  • Represent the Deputy Chief of Staff, G–4 in matters pertaining to DLA Energy’s execution of Executive Agent bulk petroleum functions
  • Perform duties as the Army Service Control Point (SCP) in accordance with DODM 4140.25; SCPs established by the Military Services will serve as the central management function in coordinating requirements, technical issues, and supply actions with military units and DLA Energy
  • Support the Army Futures Command (AFC) and Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) in the development of Army petroleum doctrine, material development, table of equipment development, and training development 
  • Support PdM PAWS/TACOM/DVCOM GVSC in equipment specification development and technical publication reviews/development  
  • Support Army Sustainment Command on all petroleum related matters  
  • Army petroleum help desk -  Army Petroleum Center (APC) will maintain a petroleum technical assistance resource that is available via telephone, email, and the web; This service provides prompt and accurate guidance to worldwide customers on all petroleum management and operational issues; Telephone numbers and email addresses are also available through this website for each functional APC team to address specific technical assistance requirements or by emailing us at the Plans and Operations Inbox address listed in the Contact Information section below.
  • Petroleum Technical Assistance Program - This worldwide program will assist in determining that petroleum products and handling facilities are being managed properly in accordance with current doctrine by performing onsite review of tactical units and installations conducted in conjunction with the appropriate ACOM/ASCC/DRU or command request; This includes receiving, storage, handling, usage, quality surveillance, supply, distribution of petroleum products, fuel accountability, and equipment; This program applies to all Active Component, Army National Guard (ARNG), U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) units, and U.S. Army installations worldwide  
  • Army requirements validation - As the Army SCP, APC is required to validate the submission of requirements; This validation process allows for a review of current modes of delivery and distribution and provides an opportunity to assess the supply chain and reduce inefficiencies and redundancies; Base operations fuel purchase programs, Emergency Fuel Buys, Fuel Purchase Cards, Aircraft Identaplates (special missions only)  
  • Capitalization/FMD/EBS Inventory Management for the Army  
  • Bulk Petroleum War Reserve, Contingency Planning, and Inventory Management Plan (IMP)  
  • Integrated Consumable 3 Bulk (IC3B) 

Contact Information  

Division Lead: Mr. Charles Shipp  
Phone Number: 571-767-0661 
Plans and Operations Inbox: