Facilities Division


In accordance with AR 420-1, the APC Facilities Team validates requirements and assists in planning, reviewing, and approving designs for the construction or alteration of fixed fuel storage and distribution systems. Programs that we are involved in include but are not limited to:  

  • Military Construction (MILCON) Program 
  • Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM) Program 
  • Fuel Facility Master Planning 
  • Recurring Maintenance Minor Repair (RMMR) Program 
  • Design Reviews 
  • Construction Support 
  • Maintenance and Repair Guidance 
  • Fuel Site Construction and Repair Standards Development 
  • Interface with DLA for Their Centrally Managed Programs (CMP) for Capitalized sites including: 
  • Automation, 
  • Cathodic Protection, 
  • Tank Inspection and Repairs, 
  • API 570 (Installation Management Plan), 
  • API 510 (Pressure Vessel), and 
  • Line Leak Detection. 
  • Optimization  
  • Real Property Reconciliation 

Contact Information 

Division Lead: Mr. Randy Adams  
Phone Number: 571-767-1779 
Facilities Inbox:  usarmy.belvoir.asc.list.usapc-facilities-div@army.mil